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Randeep is a trained Reiki energy healer, Shamanic practitioner, Coach, Crystal master, Sound Healer, Womb Keeper, Birth Worker/Educator & Doula. 

Her linage is from Indian Mystics her ancestors hail from India, Africa & Persia. She brings sacred powerful knowledge in to her practice to facilitate empowered sessions 1-2-1, workshops & Intimate Circles for women.


“My commitment to you is to provide a space where you are Self-Expressed, powerful and transformed. I will hold the space for you to be able to transform areas of your life that are not working.

Every session is bespoke & tailored to your needs. I am a stand for you to live your most empowered life”.


Randeep’s womb work & Birth work is with her company The Nesting Circle.

“My passion is for being a stand for women whether it be Menarche (start of her period) to Menopause & all the glorious stages between”.


Randeep holds space for women who have miscarried, still-birthed, and supports those who struggle to conceive.

Randeep is also deeply passionate to provide education to pre-brith and birthing women & also postpartum. She wants women to have every possible opportunity to have their voice heard and honoured. 

“I really look forward to working with you & being a support for your greatness”.

For more info call 07817443535 Sessions start at £50 for 90 minutes

 Director/ Coach

Randeep Assi

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Paul is one of our co-ordinators at Transcend, he is also an intuitive coach, hypnotherapist, EFT practitioner, holistic therapist and a dance and fitness Instructor. Paul works remotely or face to face with clients depending on their location and needs. he holds nationally recognised qualifications in counselling and coaching as well as yoga and fitness instruction. 

"I like to create a collaborative process with my clients to empower them to find their answers by connecting to their own inner guidance, I believe we all share the same challenges as a community, when we connect and support one another we can change our collective prospective for the better,Transcend Therapies offers so many great services at accessible prices and I'm thrilled to be part of the team"

For more info call 07969536699 Phone or Skype sessions start at £35 for 60 minutes, Face to Face sessions start at £45 for 60 minutes.

Director / Coach

Paulo Byron

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Daria is a KRI Certified Kundalini Yoga teacher with bags of enthusiasm and joy. she has been practising various forms of yoga for many years. "to me Kundalini Yoga and meditation really gives you an opportunity to experience yourself on many levels so you can live a more meaningful and fulfilling life".

Kundalini yoga is a gentle, nurturing practice suitable for all levels.

For more info call 07961716295 Sessions start at £8 for 90 minutes

Specialist Yoga Teacher

Daria Wawrzynska

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Helen is a qualified counsellor and registered member of the British Association for Counselling and Psychotherapy. She works with adult clients bringing a variety of issues.


“My approach is “person-centred”.  I won’t offer advice, I will help you to explore your feelings and thoughts and understand yourself better. I offer acceptance, warmth, empathy and a down-to-earth professionalism. 


For more information, please email helen.poole@hotmail.co.uk or telephone 07949 086 103 to arrange a free 15-minute telephone consultation.


Helen Poole

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Belle is our wonderful Pilates teachers at Transcend.


"I tried and then fell in love with Pilates around 8 years ago, having had my 3rd child. In 2016 I decided to turn what I love into a career and started my teacher training. I qualified to Level 3 Matwork along with the specialised Level 3 Pre/Post Natal qualification and I now teach a number of Pilates and Post Natal Classes in and around the local area. I am really excited to be working alongside Transcend here on our local high street".

For more info call 07791064045 Sessions start at £6 for 60 minutes

Pilates Instructor

Annabelle Wells

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Susi is a Yoga Therapist and an Associate Level 2 Yoga Teacher with over 1500 hours teaching experience. Certified by: International Association of Yoga Therapists.


Qualifications: Post Graduate Diploma in Yoga Therapy (British Council for Yoga Therapy), Ayurvedic Tongue Diagnosis (Complementary Medical Association, Federation of Holistic Therapies), Yoga for the Treatment of Trauma (Yoga Alliance UK and US).

Registered with: Complementary and Natural Healthcare Council. 

For more info call 07944856640 Session Fees vary based on clients needs.

Yoga Therapist

Susi Wrenshaw

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I’m a straight talking Mancunian, a sister, mother, daughter and best friend, with a big heart who loves working with people who know deep down in there gut they want more from themselves and life!!! 


Having my own coach opened my eyes to what felt like a new world. I started to see things differently, from other perspectives and use the trauma’s that I had been through as stepping stones and lessons of experience, which brought immense value to my life. So much so, a few years later I set off on my own mission to help others, by training to be a Coach in Personal Performance, Health, Addiction, Relationships, Disc and NLP.  However my most unique qualifications are Life lessons which I don’t underestimate. This is where the wisdom is at. My coaching is centered around Energy which is essential to live a fulfilling life & relationships - whether that is relationships with other people, yourself, your body and your mind. Once your relationships improve everything else will start to flow.


Who do I coach? My clients come from a variety of backgrounds .

I believe everyone should experience coaching and have a coach - including me!

Sessions start at £45 - for more info call 07779359630

Lifestyle Coach 

Kimberley Whittall 

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Joanne teaches a modality called 'Ageless Grace' in weekly sessions here a Transcend. the ageless grace programme offers fun and varied exercises based on serious science and designed to help keep the mind sharp and protect against dementia. This is a seated class that fosters fun movement with music encouraging participants to smile more and get engaged.

Furthering her work to keep the mind body connection strong Jo then studied yoga in various forms and became a qualified yoga teacher!


Joanne teaches beautiful morning sessions here at the studio for all you early rises!


sessions start at £6 - For more info Contact Jo by phone on 07966005616

Ageless Grace Trainer

& Yoga Teacher

Jo Brizland Cullen

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Having been a Holistic Therapist for many years, I then changed direction for a while, and realised I missed helping people in a more underlying way. I decided to retrain as an Advanced Hypnotherapist and EFT Practitioner to return to my holistic roots. 

"I believe that the combination of Hypnotherapy and EFT can help people to get to the root of their issues and problems, quickly, positively, effectively and in a safe environment."

Sessions start at £60 - For more info Contact Paula by phone on 07957457518

EFT Practitioner & Hypnotherapist

Paula Gibson

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Emily is our Wellbeing & Health Personal Trainer, a qualified Fitness Instructor & Personal Trainer Level 3 and has also studied in Stress Management

Emily can train you as a 1-2-1, in couples or small group delivering bespoke weight loss training plan’s, getting clients to their goal. Emily also provides nutritional guidance and mindset support programme. All three are crucial parts in client’s achieving the body they want not just for the time with Emily but continuing in their future habits, outlook and lifestyle choices too.

“My experience and background within the fitness and wellbeing industry along with the desire to help others achieve their goals, has helped to form a strong understanding of movement, energy and mindset which reflects in my tailored approach” 

I am very excited to be working with client’s in our local village at Transcend Studio’s.  


For more info call Emily on 07849355398

Fitness and Health Trainer

Emily Dawes

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Serina directs 'SageHolistics353" and she is a Bespoke Healer, Reiki Master and Life Coach who also uses Shamanic approaches to clear unwanted energies and dissolve trauma. Serina is also a gifted angelic card reader and Crystal therapist.


She has a wealth of experience and offers a range of sessions and workshops here at Transcend including Ancestral Healing, Family healing circles, The Transcend Tribe sister circle, womb healing sessions and cacao circles.

Also she is a director of HearTheHum.co.uk an educational consultant, singer and spoken word artist.

To book a session or find out more contact Serina on 07999354268

one to one sessions start at £35, workshops start at £10 per person. see events pages for more info.

Bespoke Healer, Reiki Master ¶ Life Coach

Serina Wain

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Victoria is an educator and teaches courses on personal and spiritual development through her company 'Unaversity' 

Victoria is a registered hypnotherapist, spiritual medium and she brings meditation and past life regression sessions to name a few to us at Transcend!


call 07575893938 for more info on all the session Victoria offers.

Spiritual Development 

& Hyonosis Training

Victoria Bowers

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Catherine is a 'Bowen Technique' therapist and a yoga teacher.

The Bowen Technique is a gentle, muscle-release therapy using very precise movements over soft tissue, which assist the body to rebalance. It eases muscular stress, promotes pain relief, and aids the recovery of natural energy throughout the body.

Cath also teaches beginners yoga sessions at transcend ob Thursday mornings at 11am - £6 per session

Bowen Technique Therapy sessions are available in the therapy rooms and priced at £40 per session - to book call 07747675535

Therapist / Yoga Teacher

Catherine Patsie Hobson

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Leanne is a fully qualified holistic massage specialtist, with over 10 years experience in the industry .

Leanne offers 4 different types of massages, and uses customised techniques to suit her clients needs. Leanne is vey knowledgable and intuitively knows where your problem areas are and will modify your massage to your needs, all treatments are carried out with the finest oils and aromatherapy oils to help ease your worries and pains that she blends herself.


Leanne also offers different holistic treatments, inc reflexology, Hot stone, holistic facials and pedicures, meditation massage and new to the industry CBD massage.


Stress is a part of everyday life, why not take time and let leanne put you at ease and take away your pain and tension. She has a long line of happy customers and an amazing 5* review on facebook and google.

to Book contact Leanne on 07807884600, Prices start at £25 for 30 mins

Bespoke Massage Therapies

Leanne Claire

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